Thursday, February 14, 2008

Promotional Events Coming Up

We have 2 opportunities coming up that will help us to promote Slow Food and increase our membership. On March 2nd, the Walnut Creek farmers' market is hosting a ribbon cutting and gala grand opening at their new location on Locust Street. We have a table at this event. We would love members to join in staffing this table! There will be membership brochures and informational pamphlets for people to take. We have requested some promotional materials from Slow Food Nation to assist in getting the word out about that upcoming extravaganza as well. People at the market are usually pretty open minded and interested in our message.

Another event for which we have requested a table is coming up in April at John Muir Hospital. Alison Negrin, the hospital chef, is a member of our convivium and has suggested we participate. We will update the information on this event as we receive it. If you have any ideas for events at which you think we should be present, let us know!!

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