Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Survey Results

At the beginning of the year, we asked members to log on at Survey Monkey and let us know what you want to happen in 2008. We also wanted to hear how we can make our group successful and relevant in our community. The results of this survey follow as well as the conclusions we have come to from your messages.

Three events split votes for the one you would most like to do in 2008. These were a food and farming film festival, an on-farm dinner and food and farm related tours. In addition, there were comments encouraging involvement in broader Bay Area events like Slow Food Nation.

As a result, we have already determined that we would like to repeat the film event at Los Medanos College in October of this year. At the same time, there will be an exhibition of photos of local farmers and excerpts from their oral histories on display at the LMC art gallery. The gallery is next to the film screening event location and we envision an event combining the 2. We would like some members to volunteer to work with us to begin planning this film festival.

We have decided that the on-farm dinner this year will be a fund raiser for Slow Food in Schools. You can read more about that below.

We have been talking to Renato Sardo, a member of Slow Food west of us. He would like to host an event called "Terroir of Brentwood" in his community sometime this summer. This would be an event to increase awareness among his convivium about Brentwood farm products. This is still in the development stages so if you have ideas, be sure to let us know. In addition, he is a member of Greenbelt Alliance and he thinks his members would also be interested in a farm tour. We think we can partner with Greenbelt Alliance to organize a farm tour that will benefit all parties. Let us know if you want to help on this kind of event or if you have ideas for us.

By far, the large majority of members wants to fund raise for Slow Food in Schools. Last year, we raised a little money for Slow Food Nation with our on-farm dinner. We think we can increase that amount this year with the local focus of supporting a local farm to school project. One of our members is already deeply involved in a successful project with school gardens and healthy eating. We would like to support this ongoing project with the goal of expanding it into a new school.

In addition, we have been talking to one of our new members, Peter Chastain of Prima in Walnut Creek. He has some great ideas for education in the community, increasing membership and raising funds. We look forward to cementing our relationship with him and working to build our convivium and spread the message of good, clean and fair food.

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