Friday, November 14, 2008

Slow Food in Schools

I got a call today from Lesley Stiles. She let me know that the students at Diablo Day School are getting ready to plant! This weekend Lesley and Stephanie will be using some of the money generously granted to our project from Slow Food USA, Orchard Nursery (thanks to Jan Enderle) and the California Retail Nursery folks. I asked Lesley to let me know when she expects to be able to have a work day for Slow Food members. I'm very excited to see the progress made to date. Tuesday, the students will have a day of planting.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Wonderful Slow Food Films

Our Film Festival at Los Medanos College was attended by about 60 students. We screened The Real Dirt on Farmer John and King Corn along with a short film from the Golbal Oneness Project on seed saving. During the break between Farmer John and King Corn, I took a trip to the loo to find a young woman wiping tears from her eyes. She was moved by Farmer John's story and looking forward to the next movie. Many attendees asked about Slow Food and CSAs. Our wonderful film committee members, Howard and Mary Lentzner and Lucy Meinhardt came early and popped lots of popcorn. Howard and Mary graciously donated the organic popcorn. Without the strong and consistent support of Amoeba Music, none of this would have been possible. They gave us a generous $500 to purchase the films with ongoing screening rights. I am excited about scheduling more screenings of these films and the others in our Slow Food Film Library. One of our members has a yoga studio in Brentwood and she is willing to let us use the space to show the films. I am thinking of a weekly series. Anyone want to volunteer to organize and promote? Also, we are in the planning stages of the next college screening at St. Mary's. We are thinking the show won't go on until 2009. However, we are looking for helpers.