Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Slow Food Meeting Recap

All agreed this was a great venue. The food and wine were excellent as was the service. Many thanks to Peter Chastain of Prima!!

Our first duty was to cover old business:

We introduced the “Head Table”: Josh and Susan Hammack, Kristie and Rick Knoll, Pat Rodda and Gail Wadsworth

State of Membership: Started with 13 members in 2006, now we have 39. If all members can bring in one more member, we will have a great group. Let's get at it!

Kristie recapped our 2007 events by describing them, telling about the turnout and the financials. We did really well last year and ended up contributing close to $5,000 to Slow Food Nation.

Gail discussed the results of the online member survey that has been the impetus for our 2008 decision-making. This year we will have at least 3 events: Farm tour with Greenbelt Alliance members, Film Festival at Los Medanos College and fundraising dinner on a farm. The funds raised will support Slow Food in Schools in Contra Costa County.

Gail has manned 3 tables for outreach: 2 at Walnut Creek Farmers’ Market and one at John Muir Hospital. Materials are available for members to man tables in their communities.

Member Kathryn Lyddan discussed the Ark of Taste nomination for Oakley Ancient Vines and explained why she thought it had been denied by Slow Food USA.

Gail brought up application for Slow Food in Schools grant from Slow Food USA for project at Diablo Community Day School in Concord.

New business was then discussed:

Events for 2008:

We will be hosting a farm tour and inviting Greenbelt Alliance: Lesley Stiles has agreed to head this project up. We are still seeking volunteers to assist. Lesley will be sending out a call when she needs help. The date of the tour will be at the end of June.

June 8, Slow Food San Francisco will be hosting the Golden Glass at Fort Mason. Our convivium has been asked to attend and we have also requested Brentwood cherries to be featured. Anders Bengsston has agreed to man a table at the event. Other members are encouraged to volunteer and attend.

The Food and Farming Film Festival will be held at Los Medanos College in October. Howard and Mary Lentzner, Lucy Meinhardt and Yvonne Prinz have volunteered to work on this event. We are still looking for members to provide suggestions for films, find another public venue, and form a panel to review films. This screening will be held in affiliation with the exhibition “Shifting Perceptions on the Urban Edge: Putting a Face on Farming in Brentwood” at the Los Medanos art gallery. Some of the films being considered are: The Real Dirt on Farmer John, King Corn and The Future of Food. Send suggestions to gailwads@earthlink.net or post them on the blog.

The fundraising dinner for Slow Food in Schools was discussed. We voted that the best venue is on a farm. This will not necessarily limit us to one fund raiser. Peter Chastain has also volunteered to hold fundraisers at Prima. We are soliciting suggestions for farms and chefs as well as seeking volunteers. The dinner on farm will be earlier in the year than last fall's dinner. There are a lot of harvest dinners in the fall and we want to be able to pull a larger number of diners.

Ideas for other events were discussed including:

Farm to School Project at Diablo Community Day School, volunteers are welcome and members may want to put in a member work day.

Pastry-making workshop at Frog Hollow Farm. All attendees were keen on this idea and Becky Courchesne of Frog Hollow is happy to accommodate a group in her farm kitchen.

Pie auction with Contra Costa Farmers’ Markets. Member Jessie Neu is interested in working with us to develop the idea of a pie auction to benefit Slow Food Delta Diablo and the CCFM. If you want more details on this idea, contact Gail.

Events at Prima for membership and fundraising. All agreed this is a valuable relationship.

Kristie then announced the Slow Food events that are coming up:

    1. Slow Food Nation Labor Day weekend. Members can nominate a food online. We have not been involved but there are many opportunities. Wine nominations, producer nominations, ideas for exhibitions.
    2. Golden Glass: Sunday June 8, 3-7 pm. Fort Mason Festival Pavilion. We are encouraging Brentwood cherry growers to participate by sending product and attending. Any members who would like to man a table at the event are encouraged.
    3. Terra Madre: call for nominations for producers, etc. Betsy Lydon Ark Award. Gail suggested that we may want to nominate Ennes Ranch Beef producers, Howard and Mary Lentzner for this award.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Slow Food Delta Diablo: Seeking New Members

Okay everyone, we have grown to double our original size in the past 2 years. But this is not enough! With all the farmers and foodies in Contra Costa County, we should be huge. This year, we would like to charge every member with bringing in AT LEAST another new member. Let's get with it. We all support good, clean, fair food and we all know a lot of other people who do too.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Members Meeting!

We hope all members of the Delta Diablo convivium received an invitation to the first business meeting of 2008. It will be hosted by Prima in Walnut Creek on April 15. This meeting is for members only. However, if you have friends who want to come, refer them to the Slow Food USA website where they can join up. Peter Chastain has generously agreed to provide drinks and appetizers served by the outstanding Prima staff at a cost of $20 per person all inclusive. This is an excellent bargain! We hope all members are able to attend.