Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Leaders Meeting and Activism

This week, Kristie and I attended a meeting for chapter leaders in our region at our regional governor's house. There were people there from the Aqua Terra, East Bay, Oakland and Berkeley chapters in addition to us. We were, by far, the smallest convivium. However, people seemed to think we were inspirational and activist. I was a little perplexed by this since it seems we are simply doing what Slow Food does and what our members want. Everyone was very impressed with our Slow Food in Schools project and our plans for 2009. I am hoping we are able to coordinate with some of these other groups on events in our area that they will plan. For example, Oakland would like to host a u-pick farm tour on the Harvest Time Farm Trail and I agreed that we could help them with that to a small degree by suggesting the best time to go and some farms they might like to visit. I was very proud of our membership at that meeting and the direction we have all chosen to take.

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  1. I think partnering with some of the other conviviums is a great opportunity for us to be more involved and to foster awareness of what the Delta Diablo area has to offer to East Bay Slow Food members. When my schedule allows me freedom to be involved, I will be more than glad to help. That said I will watch the blog for news.