Friday, May 8, 2009

Slow Food in Diablo Community Day School

I want to take some time today to update members on our wonderful Slow Food in Schools project at Diablo Community Day School.

Lesley Stiles and her friend and partner, Stephanie Jacob, have been working hard and doing good work. Every Tuesday, they show up at about 12:30 with arms and heads full of plants, food,ideas and action items. One week, they made kim chee with the students and the next week, one of the teachers cooked fried rice for everyone to eat it with. The students have been learning about fruit coming from flowers, how to pick and eat peas, how to tell the difference between all kinds of apples, citrus and grains. Every time I go to join in, I am inspired by the energy levels and by the levels of change in the students.

I hope Lesley will be able to share with us some of her observations on this blog. What I have noticed is that we have formed bonds with many of the students. Their respect for us and the project have grown along with the garden. As Cathrine Sneed said so clearly, we are not just growing a garden, we are growing people. I am energized each week and am sad if I can't make it.

This August, we will be having a fund raising event at Pizza Antica for this wonderful project. I hope all members can come and bring all of their friends. We will have a looping slide show of the garden and the kids. We are hoping that Cathrine Sneed will come as our featured speaker.

I can't express how gratified I am that our small chapter of Slow Food has agreed to support this wonderful and meaningful project.

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