Thursday, March 24, 2011

Va de Vi

Thursday night was our first cocktail social for Slow Food Delta Diablo. We met at Va de Vi in the pouring rain and had some delicious wines and seasonal small plates. One highlight was the asparagus (cooked but crunchy),topped with a panko encrusted poached egg and drizzled with balsamic vinegar.

The crispy pommes frites, sprinkled with garlic and parsley, were perfect with our wine and we also enjoyed the grilled prawns served on rosemary skewers. Va de Vi has an interesting selection of wines available by the glass.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Third Thursdays

Slow Food Delta Diablo is proposing a monthly social hour at venues throughout the county. Every third Thursday some head table members will be meeting for a cocktail social hour and we invite all members and friends to drop in. These will be an informal and fun way to meet other members of Slow Food in a local restaurant or wine bar that supports the many of the principles of Slow Food. We will meet at 6 pm on the following schedule.

March 24: Va da Vi, Walnut Creek (this is the only one that is not on the third Thursday)
April 21: Nibbler’s, Pleasant Hill
May 19: Pizza Antica, Lafayette
June 16: Co Co County Wine Company, Brentwood
July 21: Piatti, Danville
August 18: Jack's, Pleasant Hill
September 15: Prima, Walnut Creek
October 20: Bellovino, Danville
November 17: Bravo Bistro, Pleasant Hill
December 15: Metro, Lafayette