Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Events Past and Events to Come

Well, it's been a long time since I posted but I figured with everything coming up and everything we've done, it's time for an update.

We had a fabulous farm tour of Alhambra Valley farms with an enthusiastic and appreciative group. Tom Powers of Alhambra Valley Ranch was very gracious and informative about his farming practices and challenges. He let us know that water is his big issue and he has creatively worked to deal with it. And speaking of creativity, the farmers at Alhambra Beef and Pears have that in excess. Pearl and Ben took us on a tour that highlighted not only the spectacular location but all the innovations their family has devised to achieve the success they need to continue farming. From the pneumatic pruners, to the picking platform and finally to the incredible hay delivery system, they have it all figured out. I hope we can make this tour an annual event.

The Third Thursday Cocktail Socials have been a great way to introduce people to new places and new people. The number of attendees varies. Last month at Jack's in Pleasant Hill, we had 9 enthusiastic people. The staff was very friendly and accommodating and we will be back. I encourage you all to try it out.

This month, we will be going to Prima in Walnut Creek for our Third Thursday on September 15 at 6 pm. Peter Chastain, owner and chef, has been so supportive of our chapter since its inception and we hope a lot of people will take advantage of the opportunity to show our support back to him and his wonderful restaurant.

On Saturday, September 17, Slow Food USA has issued the $5 Challenge. They are encouraging all members to host a dinner that will cost no more than $5 a person to prepare. Check out the website for dinners in our neighborhood, there are a few. Just click the link for more information, then find a meal. Enter your zip code and a radius for the search.

Finally, on Saturday, September 24th at the Walnut Creek Library our second series of films in The Delicious Revolution will begin. The time will be earlier, with all films starting at 4 pm. This series will all focus on the food revolution in California. Keep watching this space for details or look us up on the Walnut Creek Library events page.

There are some great things brewing for October. Food Day is October 24th. I am hoping there will be some great events planned for that!