Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Kitchen Table Talks

Some of you may be familiar with the concept of Kitchen Table Talks when the phrase is used to organize in communities.  The head table of Slow Food Delta Diablo likes the idea of sitting around kitchen tables and discussing important topics.  As a result, we made the decision to begin a series of Kitchen Table Talks.  We have some ideas for topics.  Many of these have been suggested by members but some are just timely.   

Lots of organizations have used the kitchen table as a location for discussion of important issues.  Canada had a vast series of these events all across the country, that helped to define a national food policy. California Food and Justice Coalition, Urban Tilth, Food First and other local organizations have held kitchen table talks about the upcoming Food and Farm Bill.  These have served as a mechanism to get people to discuss their concerns and potentially take action.

Now, we would like to do the same.

We have heard from some of you that action on local policies to keep backyard chickens are a concern and from others that labeling GMOs is of interest.  These are two topics we would like to propose right up front.  In addition, we think members might be interested in defining the "fair" in Good Clean Fair food; pesticide and antibiotic use in farming; defining "sustainability"; farm land preservation; what does the Farm Bill mean to you?; and finally, the benefits of backyard and schoolyard gardening.  We also think it might be good to have a CSA farmer talk at one of these evenings.

We have a few people who have volunteered to host one of these events.  The format is as follows. The events are pot-lucks and will be limited in attendance, depending on the host home.  Hosts only need to provide the seating space, dishes, glasses and flatware.  Guests bring the food.  Of course, if the host wants to contribute food as well, that is encouraged!  Slow Food Delta Diablo will organize the invitations and RSVPs and will help to identify and contact speakers with expertise on topics when we can.  We will assist in organizing all events as much as the hosts want us to.

We encourage all members and friends of Slow Food Delta Diablo to contact us with ideas for topics, speakers and of course host homes.  We're excited about this series of pot-luck discussions and hope you are too!